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Goose Fair area stewards needed

 Goose Fair Meet - unbooked units welcome


      New Year Meet 2014/15
     Newark Showground
   29 Dec - 2 Jan
               New Year programme         
                          Booking Form
Four nights of fabulous entertainment. Not to be missed!
Goose Fair Meet  
3 -5 October at Walesby Scout Camp. 
  Saturday Evening - Mike Pender's Searchers


Arena Entertainment by Knights of Nottingham
(full horseback jousting tournament)
The Camping Club Band's 20th birthday bash
 Sons and Lovers (band)
Paul Ashton
Richard Comfort
Simply Daz
Bus Stop (duo)
Tina Majors
                    Children's entertainment by Gully Mouse              
Party Animals mobile petting farm
                                                                  Inter D.A. Caravan Reversing Competition
 PRE - GOOSE FAIR MEET - Why not make a longer stay and join our pre- meet at Walesby Sports and Social Club.  Site opens 12 noon Sunday 28th September and closes 12 noon Thursday 2nd October.  6 pun.
Goose Fair Meet help needed..........
Area  Stewards Needed Bookings are coming in fast and we need more area stewards to meet and greet the campers. if you can help please email Dave Bowers at vice-chairman@nottsda.co.uk
Can you sing /dance? Annette is looking for anyone who would like to take part in the opening ceremony.  If you have an hidden talent email enquiries@nottsda.co.uk All ages welcome.
Traffic Officers John Shaw needs people to direct traffic for an hour or two on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you can spare a few hours please contact John at enquiries@nottsda.co.uk
Catering Dawn is looking for help on Saturday for various jobs. If you can help email Dawn at enquiries@nottsda.co.uk
Medieval Market..........
Stalls available on the Sunday Medieval Market see either Sandra Shaw or Hilary Snell.
Goose Fair Medieval Market Cake Stall
Please could anyone bake or buy us a cake to sell. Many thanks
Pauline Judson & Maureen Dakin.
Please leave at our caravan on row 21 Ashfield area or Maureen's caravan.


Auckley Fishing Match by Tony Worrall
Saturday 23rd August 2014 - A narrow shaft of light broke through the caravan skylight and at the crake of dawn 8 burly competitors, hunter gatherer men and 4 eager, excited boys, rose from their beds. The guys gave their wives a gentle peck so as not to disturb them at such an ungodly hour and then gathered around our leaders awning to laugh and tell fishy tales there. He told us his wife didn't mind the noise....!!
Some of us ventured into the onsite pub for a quick breakfast, some went to the onsite tackle shop for their secret special baits and tackle, whilst the others discussed their wining strategies.
                                                                    Our leaders good lady had by now decided she was wasting her time trying not to listen to us and so rose from her slumbers with a smile for us all and volunteered to draw our pegs for us, probably because it would be quicker and she could get rid of us. Anyway we were sent off with a smile and a few words of good luck to us all.
Our pegs on the lake were in two different sections, quite a way from each other; 8 adults around the far side and 2 adults with the 4 juniors on the nearside.  As we approached our pegs we could not help but notice that a team next to us were attempting to intimidate us by all wearing the same matching red outfits. Alan Angell was pegged right next to them so we knew we had our best man there to put them off their game, he really tried hard to do just that, even resorting to falling off his chair in front of them.  We toyed with the idea that we might improve our chances of looking more professional, like them, if we all put our Robin Hood outfits on but that's one to consider for next year.  Fish were proving very difficult to catch for us all for a while, the red outfits of our neighbours were clearly attracting all the fish over towards them.
Meanwhile over the other side of the lake the fishing was fast and furious and the youngsters were catching well. The two adults with them Mark and Richard were clearly encouraged by the boys to put up a good showing.  The excitement grew when young Kian hooked a massive carp and was able to tame and land it with no help from anyone. That fish alone weighed in at 12lb 1oz and was clearly the biggest fish of the day. Kian rang his dad (woke him up) to tell him all about it and how he had caught it on a hook tied by his dad. Proud as he was of his son, Alan began to try harder and wished he'd kept the hook for himself.
There then came a flurry of hooked fish by most of us that all got away (honest...!!!) they were massive and match winners all of them, so really hard luck for our side of the lake. Over on the other side Mark gave the boys a master class in catching large fish; he landed carp of 9lb 12oz, and three more of over 7lb each. Richard also landed one over 7lb from that side of the lake.
A great time was had by all and even Brian was smiling at the weigh in when he saw the fantastic spirit and camaraderie shown by our youngsters.
Well done everyone........
Winner - Mark Bower (31lb 12oz);  Second - Alan Ashton (16lb 10oz);  Third - Richard Atkins (9lb 11oz);  Alan Bryan (5lb 11oz); Malcolm Roberts (5lb 9oz);  Tony Worrall (3lb 14oz);  Alan Angell (1lb 11oz) and Brian Roberts enjoyed the day.
Winner - Kian Bryan (12lb 12oz); Second - Connor Bower (7lb 4oz); Third - Matthew Adkins (3lb 7oz) and Fourth - Matthew Hemsley (7oz)
Camping Diary....
26 - 28  September, Goose Fair Working Weekend, Walesby  
Site opens 12 noon Friday - check on arrival which areas can be camped

This is a pre-booked meet for the working party  and numbers are limited. All units MUST be on site before 12 noon Saturday (unless prior arrangements have been made with the Chairman). 

3- 5  September, Goose Fair Meet, Walesby       

Unbooked units welcome.  

Join in the celebrations, fun for all the family.


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