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Annual National Youth Rally!

Just some of the activities and experiences you can enjoy as part of the CCY...

Passing the CCY Youth Test opens the door to independent camping and adventures abroad...

But what does the test involve? Find out from some of the Club’s testers and candidates.

Dates for your diary...

CCY Summer meet,
Winthorpe Cricket Ground,
17th-19th May 2019

National Your Rally 2019
HOME FARM, Cople Rd, Cardington,
Bedford MK44 3SN
5th - 7th July

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Contact Notts DA CCY Leaders...

Ang Shaw
M: 07759 444206

John Shaw
M: 07739 799440
E: click here

Welcome to Notts D.A. CCY and CCJ

What is the CCY?
Notts DA Camping Club Youth (CCY) is a section dedicated to 12 -18 year olds (up to 21 year if passed the CCY test) that enjoy camping and would like to meet other kids and young adults their own age.

At the majority of camping weekends there will be a separate area where the CCY can camp together.

What's different about the CCY?
The CCY are encouraged to camp independently from their parents and there are rallies organised specifically for youth members. There are two regional meets held in the winter (January) and in the summer (May). 

These are run by each of the regions DA's in turn and are a good way of meeting youth from different areas.During the winter meet there are inter DA competitions and quiz's.

Again the emphasis of the summer meet is on inter DA competitions, with 5 aside football, volleyball, netball and fun sports.

There are three other meets that the youth can attend, the National Meet, Autumn Youth Rally and the International Meet. Each region takes it in turn to organise the National Meet and Autumn Rally. 

The International Meet is held at Easter in a different country each year and CCY who are over 14 and have passed their test will have the opportunity to attend. We also hope to be able to organise some winter activities so the CCY can continue to meet up during this time.

What is the CCY test?
The CCY test is open to all CCY members and is designed to test the ability of the individual to camp on their own. The test covers, camp craft (tent erecting, cooking and tidiness) map reading, basic first aid and an awareness of the Camping Club 'Code for Camping'

An advantage of passing the test is that youth can continue in the CCY until the age of 21, paying the same subscription rates as youth members but enjoying the privileges of full members.

What is the CCJ?
Notts DA Camping Club Juniors (CCJ) is a section for 8 - 11 year old children that enjoy camping and would like to meet children of their own age.

They are offered the chance to camp in their own area and the opportunity to mix with CCY members, building up confidence and a chance to develop camping skills. During the year the CCJ leaders will arrange activities for the CCJ members.

Introducing our CCY leaders

John and Angie Shaw

Notts DA CCJ Leaders

We have been club members for 7 years, playing an active role in the running of Notts DA. John was Sports Officer on the committee for several years, arranging sporting activities at a number of meets throughout the year. We have 4 children, Kat who was in the CCY, Tom and Josh (current CCY members) and Ben who is in the CCJ.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to spend time with the youth and hopefully keep them interested and keen campers. We feel that the CCY gives the youth loads of opportunities to grow and develop within a safe environment and to make lifelong friendships.

We have organised activities for several weekends in the year and hope that as many CCY members are able to join us - we will keep in touch with you all via email so please supply us with an email address to get the latest updates.

We will also try and ensure a CCY area is available at most meets - again we will keep in touch with you all. We are very keen to support the youth attending rallies and so will be organising fund raising events throughout the year which we would like you to support.

Introducing our Assistant CCY leaders

Mark and Sian Herrick and Simon & Emma Hoult


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