Notts DA, Camping and Caravanning Club Nottinghamshire District Association
Nottinghamshire DA caravan and Camping meets surrounding Nottinghamshire

Notts DA Committee

Notts DA PresidentPresident (non-voting) - Gordon Barlow
The presidency of Notts DA is an honorary position with the selected person chosen by the Committee members themselves. The President has no voting rights within the Committee. The selected person is usually of long standing within the DA, who has served on the Committee for a number of years and most significantly, holds the respect of both the Committee and its members.

The President is a person to whom the Committee feel that they can turn to for an honest personal judgement in a problem situation and through his knowledge and previous experiences can offer a guiding hand when called for.


Chairman -  Simon Ibbotson

(Central Counties Regional Rep)
The Chairman has overall responsibility to the DA and acts as the main DA representative at all formal functions. He also has full responsibility for the Executive Committee.


Vice Chairman - Maxine Roberts

the Vice Chairman assists the Chairman in the running of the D.A. and acts as deputy when required. 


Secretary - Emma Hoult

Responsible for the day to day running of the DA. Receives all of the Camping Club information and documentation. Organises and arranges the Committee meetings, books the venue and produces the minutes and agendas.


Treasurer - Michael Stringfellow

Responsible for all of the DA accounts and producing the annual financial report for each AGM.


P.R.O & Webmaster - Richard Anthony

Responsible for promoting Notts DA & the Camping and Caravanning Club, ensuring that all relevant information regarding Notts DA. future activities is published in sufficient time within the Club Magazine. The Webmaster is responsible for the management of the DA website. The quality of its content, its production and editorial, our communication with the web hosts and ensuring the full adherence to our national club regulations regarding websites. Notts DA are the winners of the Brian Welham Trophy 2017 and 2018 and Highly commended in 2019.


Notts DASocial Media Officer - Maxine Roberts

Responsible for promoting Notts DA & the Camping and Caravanning Club through all social media platforms and ensuring that all relevant information regarding Notts DA. future activities are promoted in sufficient time via social media.



Regalia - Malcolm Roberts

Responsible for the design, procurement and sale of the DA meet pennons and plaques. Responsible for the purchase and sale of Camping Club Regalia.


Equipment Officer - Simon Ibbotson

Responsible for all of the Equipment held within the DA, and the stewards weekend kits.
Also works very closely with the weekend stewards and the Sports and Social Secretaries.


Sports Officer - Simon Hoult

The Sports Officer is responsible for the management and administration of our sports events during both summer and winter seasons.


Catering Officer - Vacant
Responsible for all DA catering needs, such as Children's weekend and Christmas parties, bonfire night and coffee mornings.


Social Secretary - Vacant
Responsible for the entertainment at all DA functions, such as New year, Christmas party, Children's Christmas Party, Parwich weekend, Gala night, Goose Fair Meeting and Winter Socials programme.


Sites Officer - Emma Hoult

Responsible for finding new sites, meeting with landowners of existing and new sites, negotiating site fees and obtaining stewards for all of our weekend meets. Contact John for sites information.



Notts DA CCJ LeadersYouth Leaders - Emma and Simon Hoult
Responsible for the Camping & Caravanning Club Youth and Juniors. The Youth Leaders look after the youth section to encourage our 12 – 18 year olds to camp and organise special Youth Events such as attending the national Youth Rally. They are also key in supporting training of youth for the club youth test.   

Note: This position is elected by the committee prior to the AGM and not at the AGM by the members.

Assistant Youth Leaders - Vacant

CCJ Leaders - Vacant
Under the guidance and overall responsibility of the Youth Leaders,  the CCJ Leaders are responsible for our Camping & Caravanning Club Juniors.
CCJ Leaders encourage 8 – 11 year olds to camp in preparation to join the youth section. This post is nominated by the Youth leaders to the committee.

Countryside care officer - Norman Hemsley

Auditors - Sharon Curson and Peter Taylor

Vice Presidents - Norman Helmsley and Ernie Dakin

Regional Rep - Simon Ibbotson

Fifth Exec - Malcolm Roberts


Other commitee members: 
Susan Ibbotson
Sharon Stringfellow


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