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Notts DA Edges and Dales walk while camping and caravanning  in Derbyshire Peak District

Notts DA Edges and Dales Charity Walk

Join Notts DA for our Edges and Dales Charity Event

the walk has been running since the mid 1970’s it follows that some of the children who did the Walk then are now parents themselves and their children would like to have a go.

This walk is actually all mind over matter! Forget the distance of 35 miles and instead look upon it as a series of small walks joined together with meals and drink stops along the way. If you would like details of the walk there is a link at the foot of this article.

Please note that Notts DA provides all the transport to and from the start & finish, support, food etc for the walk and every penny of your sponsorship monies goes to the good causes; so please offer your best efforts in obtaining your maximum contribution to the sponsorship monies that we rely on!. Please note that Food and Drink at walk stops are for the WALKERS ONLY, please do not ask for refreshments if you are not walking.

There will be tears and maybe laughs (at the start anyway) but you will look back on the experience with pride that you have achieved something.

What is the Edges & Dales walk?  

Since its conception in the early 70's, the walk has grown in stature and repute and is now regarded by many to be one of the premier walking events in the Caravanning and Camping Club Calendar.

The original idea was to create a walk that was to be physically challenging for the experienced walker and an outstanding achievement for the occasional rambler.

Over the years the walk has been completed by children as young as six years old and by several senior members well into their seventies along with hundreds in between.

The whole idea is to finish the walk and the spirit of the club is very much in evidence  with every effort being made to ensure as many of the starters as possible complete the distance.

The parties are graded according to their abilities enabling walkers to go at their own speed without hindering the faster ones. You can even do a 12-mile “half walk” starting at lunchtime just to wet your appetite for another year.

The total distance covered is in the order of 35 miles, but this is broken down in smaller and more manageable pieces with full support being provided en route. This support, which is provided and funded by Notts DA includes 3 meal stops for breakfast, dinner & tea with a menu chosen to suit the prevailing conditions.

Starting soon after dawn near the Club site at Hayfield, the route takes in Kinder Scout, Edale, Lose Hill, Mam Tor and Rushup Edge before descending through numerous Derbyshire Dales finishing at Monsal Head near to the local hostelry.

Ask anyone who has completed the walk and they will tell you about the sense of achievement to be derived from completing the distance as your complete the last few  steps to the applause, admiration and envy of the awaiting crowds of supporters.

There will be tears, but there will be laughs a plenty and encouragement will be given & received in equal measures.

Come along with your boots, a full sponsor form and some determination and Notts DA will do their best again to ensure you won’t go home disappointed.


The Route 

All map references are from Dark Peak 1:25000 O.S.Sheet 110 or O.S.Tourist Map No4 Peak District

The Walk starts from the coach park to the West of the A624 in HAYFIELD MR 036870

Passing thro the village take the road towards the Camping Club site.

Keeping the KINDER  RESERVOIR on your right, traverse WHITE BROW on to WILLIAM CLOUGH MR 060890.

Ascend WILLIAM CLOUGH, turning right on the PENNINE WAY and climb on to the KINDER PLATEAU at MR 068897. [Note:- the climb up William Clough and on to the Kinder Plateau is relatively strenuous so take this nice & easy, frequently stopping to admire the view.]

Take easterly track towards THE EDGE

Keep to the well defined path around the Edge passing THE EDGE,  FAIRBROOK NAIZE, FAIRBROOK,  SEAL EDGE, SEAL STONES, BLACKDEN BROOK  to BLACKDEN EDGE. (Total distance approx. 6 miles). Do not take any short cuts across the moor as it is very wet and difficult walking

Along BLACKDEN EDGE look for the Support party who will meet you to ensure you take the correct turn to the right. [The support party will have marked the route with flags].

Follow the markers over the “Seven Minute Crossing” to the top of RINGING ROGER MR 127874.

On completing the crossing follow the well defined and paved path in an Easterly direction with the Edale valley on your right.

The path follows the edge of the moor skirting ROWLAND COTE MOOR, UPPER MOOR and CROOKSTONE OUT MOOR then descending CROOKSTONE HILL to follow the ROMAN ROAD to reach the Information Office in EDALE END

Breakfast support will be situated just after the NT INFORMATION OFFICE

Cross the road at BAGSHAW BRIDGE and under the railway bridge. MR 161862.

Follow footpath by OAKER FARM, FULLWOOD HOLMES, TOWNHEAD,  taking footpath to right through farmyard to LOSE HILL

This footpath is well defined and passes to the south of LOSE HILL summit by WARDS PIECE, BACK TOR, HOLLINS CROSS to MAM TOR. On approaching MAM TOR take the path down to the right to the drinks stop in MAM NICK

Follow footpath along RUSHUP EDGE and  LORDS SEAT to join the main road (A625) at MR 094825.

Continue along the main road for 250 metres and turn left by RUSHOP HALL to PERRYFOOT at the head of PERRYDALE. ( Lunchtime support stop.)

From PERRYFOOT the walk continues along PERRYDALE to OLD DAM, crossing the A623 road in Peak Forest.

Take footpath via DAMSIDE FARM to DAM DALE,  HAY DALE, PETER DALE taking footpath up steep hill into WORMHILL.  ( Tea Time Support Stop.)

Leaving WORMHILL the walk descends into MILLERS DALE and follows the river to  LITTON MILL. Then passing thro WATER CUM JOLLY DALE which is not defined on all maps. This leads to CRESSBROOK MILL. The Walk then continues by road some 2 miles to the finish at MONSALL HEAD.


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