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Centenary Celebration 2010

Following extensive research by the Camping & Caravanning Clubs own archivist, it has been established beyond doubt that Notts D.A. was originally formed in the year 1910.

The following historical data has been formally accepted as a true record of our birth and early history. The documentation which authenticated the actual birth date was found posted in a copy of the Amateur Camping Club Monthly Magazine (an original name of our Club) dated March 1910

1907 saw the emergence of Birmingham D.A. the first to be formed and two others joined them 9 months later in March 1908  - Metropolitan D.A. and North Midlands D.A. Campers within Nottingham were included within the North Mids organisation.  However 2 years later on February 19th 1910 a Nottingham District Committee discussed the prospects of separating themselves
from North Mids D.A. This led to them formally requesting of the National Council that a separate District Association for Nottingham be formed. 

In the notes of the March Magazine of 1910 lies the evidence that the Council did discuss and sanction the formation of Nottingham D.A.

6 years later in 1916, after the war and with the Club's permission there was a formal joining of both the Nottingham DA and the East Midlands DA.

In 1919 our Club changed it's name to "The Camping Club of Great Britain & Ireland".

In 1923 a request was made to the National Council and permission was granted to form the District Association for the joint Counties of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire, but according to official records Derbyshire D.A. took the decision to remain on its own, leaving the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire D.A. to join forces and their first AGM was then held in  June of that year at Barrow 0n Soar.

In 1950 Derbyshire D.A. was once again amalgamated with Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, to form Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire D.A.

In 1957 Derbyshire D.A. once again broke away, leaving Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire D.A. as a separate unit once more.

In December 1959 Leicestershire decided to become a separate DA and sought permission from Club Council. The permission was granted in February 1960 leaving Nottinghamshire District Association as once again a force in its own right and the first AGM of our second coming was held at the Social Guild House, Nottingham on October 22nd 1960.

So to reiterate and to offer formal announcement; it has now been established from Club's Archivists records that Nottinghamshire D.A. existed from 1910, was joined by other D.A.'s at various times during the next 50 years but was, in March 1910, identified as an individual D.A. and will therefore officially celebrate its Centenary in 2010.

Historical details courtesy of Mr Ernest Dakin (NDA President 2010).

The Amateur Camping Club
Volume 5. Issue No 1. March 1910

1910 notts da magazine article

The evidence provided by the Club Archivist for the existence of Notts DA in 1910

Silver Jubilee Year 1985

Our 25th celebrations took place over the May Day Weekend at Kelham Hall near Newark. Unbeknown to us at the time this would actually have been our 75th Anniversary

Click on the image below to view the 1985 Silver jubilee booklet

Notts DA Silver Jubilee booklet 1985

Notts DA Newsletter Issue No. 1 Nov 1966

(Please note: This is a scanned copy of the original typewritten newsletter)

Notts DA Newsletter issue 1 1966 Notts DA Newsletter issue 1 1966Notts DA Newsletter issue 1 1966

3 Very Early Notts DA Pennons

1. Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire DA (Date - Can you help)?
Notts Pennon

2. Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire DA (Date - Can you help)?
Notts Pennon

3. Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire DA (Date - Can you help)?
Notts Pennon

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